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Q. Am I required to attend Flagger Training at ACNM?
A. No, Section 618 ‘Traffic Control Management’ of the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s Standard Specifications for Highway and Bridge Construction states that the ACNM Flagger training is recognized alongside the ATSSA Flagger training, as well as other approved programs. ACNM’s Flagger training is only ONE of the possible solutions.

Q. Is the ACNM Flagger training the same as the ATSSA Flagger Training?
A. No, it is a separate program developed by ACNM utilizing the Fundamental Principles of the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices produced by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The material is based on Section 6E ‘Flagger Control’.

Q. How can I teach the ACNM Flagger Training Program?
A. According to Section 618.2.2(3) and 618.2.2(4) of the Standard Specifications for Highway and Bridge Construction it is the responsibility of the Certified Traffic Control Supervisor to coordinate the flagging personnel training, and to supervise the flagging personnel operations. To become a certified TCS, a candidate must successfully complete the ACNM or ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor course, plus possess a minimum of 2 years experience working with and around traffic controlled devices and traffic controlled zones, verified via a Work Experience Letter. (See Traffic Control Supervisor FAQs for more details on Work Experience Letters). The Certified TCS who possesses the ACNM TCS wallet card (or the ATSSA National TCS wallet card) may administer the ACNM Flagger Training Program.

Q. I am a Certified TCS- where do I obtain a copy of the Flagger Training materials?
A. The Flagger Training DVD containing the Flagger Training PowerPoint Presentation, the Flagger Exam and Answer Sheets, and other training materials may be purchased at the ACNM Offices or by calling the Association at (505) 344-2072 x 10. The cost is $65.00 for the DVD Purchase.

Q. What is the most recent version of the Flagger Training Program?
A. The 2016 version of the DVD is the latest revision. It contains materials revised February of 2016, including an exam, PowerPoint presentation, and Flagger video.

Q. May I continue to use an older version of the ACNM program to train my flaggers?
A. No. You may exchange your older version of the program for an updated revision at no cost by contacting ACNM. Simply turn in your old DVD for a new one until December of 2013.

Q. How long is the completed Flagger Training valid for?
A. The Flagger training is valid for a period of 4 years from the date of successful completion of training.

Q. Can I make my own Flagger wallet cards and distribute them to my students?
A. No. To be recognized by ACNM, the ACNM Flagger training cards must purchased in a set along with the Flagger Handbook. The cost of each set is $15.00. (As of 7/19/2013 these cards are of a special pvc stock with an encoded security imprint for authenticity).

Q. Do I need to send a copy of any materials from classes that I conduct to ACNM for archival?
A. Yes. Instructors must send a copy of the completed Exam Answer Sheet to ACNM to receive a Wallet Card for each student. There is no cost to archive the materials.

Q. Is there a minimum passing score for the ACNM Flagger Exam?
A. Yes. The minimum passing score is 80%. The Exam file on the DVD contains the exam, a blank answer sheet, and the instructor answer guide as separate workbooks within one Excel File.

Q. The Flagger Card has a space labeled ‘ACNM #’- what number goes here?
A. The ACNM # used on the wallet card is the number of the Certified Traffic Control Supervisor who conducts the ACNM Flagger Training. This number will be used by ACNM to link all flaggers to their instructor, and all students in the same class will have the same number in this field on their wallet cards.