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(*Prerequisite: Successful Completion of TCT Course)

All projects from the simplest maintenance job to a multi-million dollar reconstruction project require traffic control expertise to make the project as safe as possible for the motorist and workers. The Traffic Control Supervisor on the project needs to be trained in the latest standards, practices, and procedures to accomplish this goal. This course complies with Section 618 of the NMDOT "Platinum Book".

The TCS course is designed to train those who will be actively involved in designing or setting up and maintaining temporary traffic control in a work zone. It moves from the concepts and techniques taught in the TCT course to the implementation of traffic control plans and techniques for installation and removal. Students are taught how to read and interpret plans and specifications and implement them in the field. Several workshops included in this course are designed to provide hands on experience in designing temporary traffic control set ups for various real life situations and recognizing, analyzing and correcting deficiencies. These workshops also afford the opportunity for students to learn to work together as a team and to present solutions to the class. A further objective of this course is to teach the students skills necessary to become an effective Supervisor so they can effectively lead a team in the field. Discussions include liability and legal ramifications, leadership skills, and proper documentation of Traffic Control setups. Students receive a copy of the ATSSA TCS Guide Book and a copy of the current edition of the FHWA’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

  1. Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of the Traffic Control Technician course, with 80% or greater received on the written examination.
  2. For Training: Successful completion of the Traffic Control Supervisor course, with 80% or greater received on the written examination.
  3. For Certification: Successful TCS Training plus 2 years work zone experience verified with a Work Experience Letter.

Length: approximately 24 hr.

ACNM has offered the Traffic Control Technician and Traffic Control Supervisor training classes through our training partners at ATSSA since 2007, and for 8 full years we have had the luxury of holding the training costs steady. Due to an increase from ATSSA National on our new contract we are going to have a slight increase on pricing beginning with the November class. The rates increase starting November 1, 2015 is follows:

Traffic Control Tech & Supervisor (3 Day Class):
ACNM Member Price: $365.00/Student, Non-Member Price: $590.00/Student, Government Rate: $490.00/Student

Traffic Control Supervisor Recertification (2 Day Class):
ACNM Member Price: $225.00/Student, Non-Member Price: $400.00/Student, Government Rate: $225.00/Student

(*Includes cost of the TCT Course)