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Note that all TTCP classes in December are Certification classes.  NO Training classes are offered so plan accordingly.

The TTCP Inertial Profiler Inspector Training class scheduled for November 3 has been canceled due to a scheduling conflict.

Due to the annual demand for TTCP HMA Certification in the first quarter of each year, January-March 2018 will have two HMA certification classes in each month.  This should satisfy the normal demand without pushing folks into April and May.

The new TTCP Seeding Inspector Certification is being delivered to all six districts in this fourth quarter.  Any and all remote classes are open to NMDOT and industry.  If a remote class located at a district office is more convenient for your personnel, utilize that location instead of sending folks to Albuquerque.  The new Seeding Inspector Certification class will be offered on a regular basis at TTCP in Albuquerque

.The TTCP Overview for Decision-Makers is a three-day class that will be offered February 20-22, 2018, at the ACNM facility.  The target audience for this three-day class is supervisors, managers, engineers that do not normally attend the regular TTCP classes for training or certification.  This provides an opportunity to be introduced to the various modules in the TTCP program and the ACNM program.  Personnel that have completed regular TTCP training or certification classes earlier in their career and promoted up to supervisor are not required to attend.

The annual TTCP Inertial Profiler Machine Certification test track will be Wednesday, March 28, 2018, at the D6 complex.  Invitations will be sent in early January.