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Lunch & Learn;  Financial Series Pt.3 Succession Planning  

2/08/2019 ACNM Office 11:30 am 

Event Description:
How are you going to handle your endgame & how are you going to get out of your business? This simple thought can bring about a quagmire of conflicting objectives and paths to achieving these objectives. We will be offering insights into how one develops a plan for the transfer of the business that reconciles those conflicts and results in a plan that is right for your business and your family.

November 28, 2017

6135 Edith NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Attention: Mike Beck

Subject: Work Added to Existing Subcontract

Dear Contractor:

At the last ACNM /NM DOT joint meeting held on October 24th, the following items were discussed and NMDOT committed to provide written clarifications. The clarifications are as follows:


Traffic Control Log Books - 2017 Update

In 2016 ACNM was approached by members of NMDOT with suggested updates to the Traffic Control Log Books. The suggestions for improvement were based on common issues encountered from completed traffic control diaries, and were given in the interest of addressing language that could reduce errors in filling out the document.

ACNM took the next step by forming a panel with representatives from NMDOT, ACNM staff, barricade companies, and ACNM contractor members. Revisions to the original suggestions were made by the panel, and a proposed draft was given to the ACNM Executive Director, the Traffic Control Master Instructor, and the Acting State Construction Engineer. After incorporating their input, a final draft was created, and sent to the printer for estimates.