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TTCP Training and Certification Schedule .PDF file

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Remember there are no scheduled “training” classes in the month of December.  Due to the end-of-year demand, TTCP uses the month of December for only “certification” classes.  Plan accordingly and if you or your personnel have certificates that expire on December 31, 2015, get scheduled now and do not wait until the last minute.  Check your expiration dates and PLAN.

I’ve added October and November to the schedule.

Some re-certification classes are being offered in the districts and all industry folks are welcome to attend these locations with proper registration with Eloyda.  If our re-certification locations in Roswell or Deming are more convenient for you, schedule to attend.  These re-certification classes are not intended for first time folks – it is streamlined and intended as “re-certification.”

Brian Legan

Office: (505) 344-2072, ext. 18
Cell: (505) 280-9713
Fax: (505) 344-1554



For Traffic Control and Storm Water inquiries contact:

Dino Franco

ACNM: The NM AGC Highway Chapter
Safety and Training Director
(505) 344-2072 Ext. 19
(505) 344 1554 Fax
(505) 440-1636 Cell

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